When I’m not in the office, I’m spending time with my amazing wife, Katie, and my three daughters, Avery, Susanna and Kathryn. I love nothing more than taking the family traveling, sailing or on any outdoor adventure. I also love to cook as I pretend I’m on Master Chef on random evenings, spending quality time eating a quality meal at the family dinner table, which I feel is a lost art these days.

One of my hobbies is learning about how others achieve peak performance in different aspects of their lives. Learning from them helps me help others strive toward reaching their maximum potential and higher levels of personal peak performance in the areas of business, health, and personal development. Every week I’m going through my network and contacting people whose brains I’d love to pick. I truly enjoy learning about how other people have achieved success in their lives, and I think it helps me provide better service to my clients at work.

When I’ve got a break from all of that, I try to give back what I’ve been so fortunate to have in my life. I support a charitable organization called Every Village, which helps every village in South Sudan implement water wells. Another great cause I support is local to me; it’s called Team Connor Childhood Cancer Foundation. They do amazing work raising funds to help fund childhood cancer research programs. Spread some awareness if you’re up for it!

Jarrod S. Warren

Managing Director


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